Luxury Charter Yachts on Display at the Newport Charter Yacht Show

Annual Newport Charter Yacht Show

The 34th Annual Newport Charter Yacht Show, which starts Monday, June 22 and runs through Thursday, June 25 is putting on a spectacular show of 25 world-class charter yachts worth a combined value of over $100 million. This is only of the six such charter industry shows in the world, catering to industry professionals curious in researching the many opportunities available for luxury chartering in New England. With some help from U.S. Virgin Islands – Department of Tourism, this year’s event is being celebrated with the Caribbean Carnival theme. Continue reading

It’s a Superyacht…It’s a Plane…It’s Helicopter!



They continue to grow in size and elegance with features that the average man or woman in the street could just dream of. The yacht has certainly evolved through the years with limitations only restricted to your imagination. Many yachts are equipped with everything from submarines to swimming pools to helipads. If Russian businessman Vasily Klyukin has anything to do with it the best is yet to come. Based on designs already on the table the new yacht will be part of the marine and the aviation industry. Although the concept is still sitting on the table, Klyukin has great expectations that it will eventually become a reality.  Continue reading

Rio 2016 Olympics Still “Concerned” About Water Pollution in the Sailing Venue

A partial view over the Guanabara bay, between Rio de Janerio and Niterói (Creative Commons/Edgar Jiménez from Porto, Portugal)

A partial view over the Guanabara bay, between Rio de Janerio and Niterói (Creative Commons/Edgar Jiménez from Porto, Portugal)

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has once again spoke with asserted concern about the water pollution in Rio de Janeiro’s Guanabara Bay with barely one year left before the Olympic sailing events are due. Continue reading

Oman Sail’s GC32 Sultanate of Oman win first 2015 Bullitt GC32 Racing Tour event in Austria

Sail boats have long captured the imagination of teams working together for a common cause. A sailing event in Austria typically draws in worldwide attention on behalf of those making their name. Sail boats take the time to be compiled and launched for any major event. If they want to make a successful appearance, they need to take sailing seriously on behalf of those in effect. Leigh McMillan was a standout performer on behalf of those wanting to tour the area. The Sultanate of Oman emerged as a leading contender in the event behind his skill and dexterity at the helm.

Oman Sail’s GC32 is a model that competes at the highest level of racing tours. Followers noted the smooth handling of the ship on the waves as the event itself unfolded. Lake Traunsee was the scene as the event took place for spectators. It was the perfect opportunity to track live developments and to catch real-time updates on how proceedings were unfolding. The racing tour was conducted over the course of multiple days. Oman Sail’s GC32 was the perfect compliment to smooth sailing weather. The climate permitted multiple expositions of the craft as it headed out on to Lake Traunsee.

An Austria Cup win secured the status of Leigh McMillan and his crew. It takes effort to complete a racing tour and to demonstrate the prowess of any given vehicle. The 2015 event captured the attention of attendees hoping to make a statement out on the waves. New arrivals are permitted to take photos during select opportunities. CEO David Graham built up name recognition by working on the watercraft during each event. Team members were delighted to speak during engagements and offered their take on the race. They did work surprisingly hard to get the boat on site in time for the tour.

Organizing a luxury cruise takes careful consideration of the craft itself. Oman Sail is a reputable name in an industry that demands competence on behalf of the staff. The Bullitt GV32 Racing Tour brings people together for an exchange of ideas when it comes to racing developments. Headway needs to be made as the craft is taken to the waves. Lake Traunsee is specially chosen because of its geographic layout. Team members should become actively involved in how events are brought together. The Omani flag was raised in Austria to keep team members focused on their victory.

Star Clippers Have A New Luxury Cruise Ship In The Works

Star Clippers

Set for launching in 2017, the biggest cruise ship, since the Royal Clipper in July 2000, will be set sail. This new vessel measures 8,770 tons and will transport 300 passengers. The barque will be five-masted and square rigged. It will be a close replica of the dramatic France II, which was commissioned as the largest square rigger as of 1911. The Royal Clipper is modeled after the famous German ship, the Preussen. Continue reading

Viking Star Cruise Ship Is In a Class of Its Own

Cruise ships have always been seen as the height of luxury. They cater beautifully to their passengers, providing an experience that some people are lucky to enjoy once in a lifetime. Each cruise brings the passengers through incredible waters with a gorgeous view while they experience luxury services from a ship dedicated to offering the ultimate in customer service to everyone on board.

Continue reading

Rolex Fastnet Race: The World’s Biggest Offshore Race

Credit: 2013 Rolex Fastnet Race. Photo: Rolex/Kurt Arrigo

Credit: 2013 Rolex Fastnet Race. Photo: Rolex/Kurt Arrigo

It’s that year again, well, it’s that year that happens every two years again. That’s right, it’s time for the Rolex Fastnet Race. The Fastnet is the largest offshore sailing race that happens once every two years. Continue reading

Celebrity Cruises Awarded a Silver Level Certification

Credit: Creative Commons/Maprie

Celebrity Cruises has been named “Autism Friendly.” This is a Silver Level award. This means that Celebrity Cruises does ensure and provide a safe environment for any child who has a developmental disability. Continue reading