Italian Designer Gabriele Teruzzi’s Shaddai – A Super Luxury Yacht

Shaddai Luxury yacht

Credit: Gabriele Teruzzi

In the sailboat industry, there are no specific standards for the difference between motor yacht, super yacht, and mega-yacht. The only legal distinction as of today is between yachts above 24 meters and below. Those above 24 meters must have a permanent crew on the boat. Continue reading

MS Harmony of the Seas – the Largest Passenger Ship in the World

Harmony of the Seas

Credit: Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean Cruises has another feather in their cap – MS Harmony of the Seas, she is the largest ever cruise / passenger ship in the world. Oasis class cruise ship is built by STX France at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France. Continue reading

Ovation of the Seas – Wolds Biggest, Newest Billion-Dollar Cruise Ship

MS Ovation of the Seas

Credit: Royal Caribbean International

‘MS Ovation of the Seas’ the world’s biggest and newest quantum class ship owned by Royal Caribbean International will start its first journey from Southampton, England to Tianjin, China, a 52-day ‘Global Odyssey’ cruise. Continue reading

The Underwater Lounge – New Concept in Luxury Cruise Ships

Ponant Cruise

Credit: Ponant

The passengers aboard luxury cruise will be able to enjoy their drink n dine sitting below the sea waves and observing sea life passing by, from the year 2018 when the world’s first sub-aquatic ship lounge will be launched.
The premium French expedition cruise line, Ponant, which is famous for its luxury and expeditions cruises, has announced the launch of these cruise ships, ‘Explorer Class’ fleet of ships as they say. Continue reading

Mercedes-Benz Style Unveils Luxury Motor Yacht – A Silver Arrow of the seas

Arrow460 - Granturismo, A Silver Arrow of the seas

Credit: Mercedes Benz Style

Arrow460 – Granturismo is the luxury motor yacht called as “A Silver Arrow of the seas”. Mercedes Benz Style and Silver Arrow Marine are the project partners in designing this yacht which has fascinating elegance, luxury, speed and last but not the least safety. Continue reading

Canados’ new Oceanic Yachts 76 line sold

Canados Oceanic Yachts 76 line

Credit: Canados

The Italian shipyard Canados announced the sale of its Oceanic Yachts 76 line, even before its official presentation. The Oceanic range, a luxury yacht range was initiated and designed in 2013 with the objective of offering high performance and low fuel consumption. Continue reading

Sailing the French Polynesia

Credit: Creative Commons/Sba2

Credit: Creative Commons/Sba2

Weary of the same old beach vacation spots with people everywhere and nothing remarkable to see? Then try sailing in the stunning French Polynesia which will gladden your wretched heart with its turquoise lagoons, clear waters and pearly beaches. Continue reading

Sailing in rough weather

Credit: Creative Commons/Royal Navy

Credit: Creative Commons/Royal Navy

You are having a pleasant time on the sea and the sky is as clear as the waters below, but suddenly dark clouds appear and the peaceful silence is broken by the howls of the wind. The million dollar question now is how to reach safety or even how to survive if the sea gets too unruly.


First of all, if you are going deep into the sea, do take care to check the weather conditions from some reliable source, and if the weather is going to be difficult if possible delay the trip, otherwise be ready to bear the sea.

In a stormy weather the ship which will get the most affected is the empty one, the logic behind that is the weight of the ship helps it to remain stable. A good ballast offers stability to the ship even if it’s empty.

Credit: Creative Commons/Alvesgaspar

Credit: Creative Commons/Alvesgaspar

Shorten sail
In case of the wind being rough it is always a good idea to shorten the sail, in order to balance the boat in squalls. Shortening the sail will mean a decrease in speed, but the sense of safety will be a huge comfort.

Avoid Crashing
If everything fails and if you do find yourself in the teeth of the storm, take care to steer away from the objects you might crash into like a coastline, rocks or even another ship.

After the storm
After the storm has passed away, get everyone in warm clothes to avoid ill health conditions, and attend to the people who are injured. Also, investigate if the boat has suffered any damage and try to fix it as best as you can.