India looking for “greener” shores

The Indian government is braced to go all ‘green’ on its shipping ports and is taking measures for it to actually become a reality. To lower greenhouse gas emissions, ships docking on Indian ports will be assessed on fuel consumption and gases emitted such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Green ships docking at Indian ports will be given discounts based on their performance at the International Environmental Ship Index. Continue reading

Hurricane Irene warns US boaters with its strength

The US coastal scene has witnessed the last few years of idle hurricane activity as the last one to hit the coast was Hurricane Ike in 2008. But 2011 is promising another picture altogether as Hurricane Irene plans to take a toll by approaching the coastline of USA. Continue reading

Simpson Marine Leap Step in SE Asia


Credit: Pixabay

Asia’s largest yacht brokerage company, Simpson Marine looks forward to expanding its presence in Southeast Asia. The company will open its head office in Jakarta as well a sub-branch in Bali. The Indonesian offices will work with other nine sales offices across Asia. Xavier Fabre, the Managing Director for the first Yacht in Dubai, will manage the functioning of the head office in Indonesia. Continue reading

inReach satellite communicator – useful for sailors on a mission

The DeLorme two-way satellite communicator with global coverage that isn’t yet introduced in the market is winning awards and will soon be available online. The inReach satellite communicator is a small electronic device that procures its way in places where cell phones and one-way satellites fail to make their mark. Recognized by magazines like Outside Magazine and, the satellite communicator though targeted for the trekking industry is an apt device for sailors in distant seas where mobile coverage fails. Continue reading

The first ever European Youth Sailing Games


Credit: PD Photo

Any kind of a game that pumps up the adrenaline is always chased, favoured and loved by the youth. Numerous kinds of games, may it be adventurous that demand physical strength or any other kind of a game that demands brainy intelligence or strength of mind, have been invented by the youth and have proved themselves interesting enough to attract the youth from around the world.

Continue reading