The first ever European Youth Sailing Games


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Any kind of a game that pumps up the adrenaline is always chased, favoured and loved by the youth. Numerous kinds of games, may it be adventurous that demand physical strength or any other kind of a game that demands brainy intelligence or strength of mind, have been invented by the youth and have proved themselves interesting enough to attract the youth from around the world.

In continuation with the thread of games that have become surprisingly popular among the youths and have gathered the praise, European Youth Sailing Games are being added and have started carving their place!

Sunday evening, August 13, 2011, was the day when the official opening ceremony of the first-ever European Youth Sailing Games was celebrated at Trentino Garda, Italy. This very first day of the European Youth Sailing Games was welcomed by the winds from the north caused by thunderstorms in the early morning. But the opening ceremony got lucky enough to not to be postponed by nature’s games of heavy winds.

All the 21 nations that participated in the European Youth Sailing Games were represented by the teams proudly boasting their own flags. The inauguration ceremony of the event was organized by Fragilia Vela Riva in partnership with EUROSAF.

Later in the morning, the storms slowed down and the weather got calm and good enough to proceed with the four legs for the 29er, three for the Byte M and F and two for the Techno 293 board. But due to the dropped winds, the course of 2nd race was altered to eight to ten knots from eighteen.

Till this moment, the skiff 29er class and the Techno M are the top competitors for the lead but of course, it is too early to predict any results as four days of competition are remaining and any miracle can take place in these four days.

These remaining four days are foreseen with good weather suitable and supporting for the Sailing Games. It is predicted that they would bring the classic southerly winds that generally blow with the speed of around 14-18 knots.

Following are the participating teams:
The team Techno 293 M is represented by 27 participants from 10 nations, team Techno 293 W has 17 participants from seven nations, team Byte CII M has seven participants from five nations, Byte CII W is represented by nine participants from six nations while 29er Open have 24 boat participants (x2) from seven nations.


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