inReach satellite communicator – useful for sailors on a mission

The DeLorme two-way satellite communicator with global coverage that isn’t yet introduced in the market is winning awards and will soon be available online. The inReach satellite communicator is a small electronic device that procures its way in places where cell phones and one-way satellites fail to make their mark. Recognized by magazines like Outside Magazine and, the satellite communicator though targeted for the trekking industry is an apt device for sailors in distant seas where mobile coverage fails.

inReach enjoys quite a few unique advantages as it is lightweight, waterproof, impact-resistant, and compact. The satellite communicator with GPS can maintain signal lock even in difficult situations due to a high-sensitivity chipset that sends messages in any directors and for remote tracking.

Furthermore, if the device is paired with an Android smartphone or DeLorme PN-60w GPS, sailors can send two-way 160 character text messages to near and dear ones. Also, the interactive SOS facility instantly grabs the attention of the receiver wherein they can respond to the situation well-prepared. SOS messages come with delivery verification plus they can be posted on Facebook and Twitter as well. Individual users can also permit remote-tracking which is mechanically sparked off by an SOS message.

Satellite communicators with in-built GPS like DeLorme inReach not only help sailors navigate the seas more flexibly but also help them stay connected with people on the land. In times of distress, when emergency help is needed, these satellite communicators act like messengers to rescue authorities. Also, sailors away in the seas for a long period of time benefit from the communicator through which they can stay in touch with families & friends.

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