Hemisphere: The World’s Largest Catamaran with Divine Luxury

It’s tough to understand the meaning of luxury if you are talking about the super lavish, prolific and elegant catamaran. Denoting its name as the world’s largest sailboat, Hemisphere is ready to prove itself with 145ft length and marvellous design. This superyacht has opened a new door for others. Hence, one can think of rediscovering other super-cool models. Continue reading

Golden Opportunity: Half Price Rig Checks Till Month End

Readers and subscribers of Yachting Monthly have a golden opportunity!

During the Southampton Boat Show which is just four days away, the readers of Yachting Monthly can get a hull for half the standard price and rig inspections from Hamble Yacht Services.

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San Francisco To Host The 34th America’s Cup in 2013!

San Francisco battled for the right to host the world’s premier sailing event and aced Newport, Rhode Island, Italy and Spain, the competitors.

San Francisco is now going to be the place where sailboats will gracefully race for the 34th America’s Cup.

San Francisco had maintained a consistent follow up with the organizing committee for months and made serious efforts, as are done for the Olympic, with beneficial finance related and development related packages.

The America’s Cup regatta is scheduled after two years but San Francisco has already geared up the preparations for the most prestigious yachting event. According to a study by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute and Beacon Economics the city economy will see a financial boost by gaining $1.4 billion dollars and some 8,800 jobs.

After being the winner of the 33rd America’s Cup in Valencia, Spain, in February 2010, Oracle’s Larry Ellison, the founder of BMW Oracle Racing, will now be happier to voyage in the 34th America’s Cup as the sailing will be in his home waters.

Oracle team and the city will ride this golden opportunity to display graceful sailing in the superlative amphitheater of San Francisco Bay, said Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Emerging hotbed of piracy – West Africa


Creative Commons/Jolly Rogers

A Cyprus tanker disappeared recently near the waters off West Africa. Almost 18 vessels have been hijacked in these waters in this year, while no such cases were indicated last year. Statistics suggest that it is fast emerging as a hotbed of piracy. Continue reading

Sailors fight tooth and nail to clinch the ISAF Nations Cup Grand title

Hundreds of world-class sailors have gathered from Tuesday, 13 to participate in the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Nations Cup Grand Final at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA which will host races in both open and womens categories. From 13-18 September, the final will see some tough competition between racers who have fought themselves through regional rounds that started in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on 24 March. Continue reading

Attessa IV: The Largest Yacht Swanks Glimmer and Shimmer

One of North America’s largest yachts ‘Attessa IV’ shows off all the glimmers and shimmers of high profile classy and lavish lifestyle. It not only has a number of guest cabins and dinning salons but it also swanks a swimming pool and two helipads.

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Blind Man Challenges the Seas on an Around-The-World Sail

The heart stirring story of Dennis Howard might inspire many other physically challenged people to face stimulating situations that otherwise they would have thought as impossible. Dennis had decided to sail the world in a 20-feet boat despite being legally blind. The 62-year old guy has sailed the waters of nearly all oceans until his eyes were blinded by glaucoma. Continue reading