Attessa IV: The Largest Yacht Swanks Glimmer and Shimmer

Updated Feb 2012

One of North America’s largest yachts ‘Attessa IV’ shows off all the glimmers and shimmers of high profile classy and lavish lifestyles. It not only has several guest cabins and dining salons but it also swanks a swimming pool and two helipads.

Attessa IV, a sleek, blue, and white yacht is100-meter long, being one of the largest in North America. The mega-yacht which was previously owned by the Japanese Evergreen shipyard now belongs to a Montana-based billionaire Dennis Washington.

It’s said that the yacht is now re-launched after the refurbishment and beautification that lasted for more than three years. This conversion of a humongous battleship to lavish and classy yacht took place at North Vancouver shipyards.

An oceanic beauty, Attessa IV with 24-person crew showed off its glory when it took a test cruise along the east coast of Vancouver Island and pulled horde of the curious crowd wherever it went.

The golden feather added in its cap was ‘Best Rebuilt Yacht in the World’ at Superyacht Awards in London.

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