Hemisphere: The World’s Largest Catamaran with Divine Luxury

It’s tough to understand the meaning of luxury if you are talking about the super lavish, prolific and elegant catamaran. Denoting its name as the world’s largest sailboat, Hemisphere is ready to prove itself with 145ft length and marvellous design. This superyacht has opened a new door for others. Hence, one can think of rediscovering other super-cool models.

At 44 metre long, Hemisphere appears like a star of the ocean and spreads a little distinct aura amongst several other yachts. It is not easy to neglect its unique presence when the superyacht rolls in the sea. With an eye-catchy appearance, the sailboat sparks its own glare and grace. If you intend to get experienced by its super sailing power, then you require plenty of money. This supercat costs more than $250,000 a week to lease although it is not too expensive if you get a chance to live-in heaven.

Earlier it was a challenge for the makers of the super-boat to design a dream model into a reality. After three years, hemisphere came into light with its on stage appearance at Monaca. It took longer than expected to build the vessel. However, it is worth if you get success at the end along with a high acclamation in the world.

“The level of finishing and luxury of Hemisphere brings her to the category of a superyacht”, Marc Van Peteghem, the chief naval architect said. He explained that the makers of superyacht are very much conscious about environmental pollution. Therefore, they are experimenting with greener solution so that sailing vessels turn out as an excellent mode of luxury travel. Peteghem said that Hemisphere is an eco-friendly catamaran as well depends on nature rather than fuel.

Hemisphere is customised according to the luxury market, well-equipped with modern features to facilitate the passengers. It consists of 17 different types of granite and 16 leather finishing. Its main cabin offers 360-degree views of surroundings as well five spacious ensuite cabins can accommodate several travellers. This catamaran boasts distinct sailing toys such as smaller speed boats, water scooters and diving gear for the adventurous seafarers. The catamaran can explore different oceanic grounds with a draft of 3.1 meters.

Image Credit: CreativeCommons/ John Allan

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