Whaling Still Going On

Blue Whale

Credit: Flickr / Mike Baird / CC BY 2.0

Japan’s factory ship Nisshin Maru and two more vessels set off to the whaling grounds to begin its controversial annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean, without farewell ceremony.

Fleet’s departure this year was delayed by few weeks than usual. As a result, the hunt might get shortened.

The Sea Shepherd has promised its strongest ever protest action. The group has given its best to prevent the whalers by throwing flares and stink bombs from jet skis and inflatable boats at the Japanese vessels. Hence, as fiery clashes with the Sea Shepherd conservation group are expected, the fleet has coastguard officers on board. A patrol boat of a fisheries agency will also accompany the fleet, which is a trend in recent hunts.

After Tsunamis gulped the shores and nearby area, people believed that the popularity of whale meat will decrease and consequently the pressure on Japan’s finances and eventually the whale hunt will be stopped.

But the departure of this fleet has shown that the whales will have to die for the pleasures of the human race and no one would be able to save the lives, at least soon.


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