Russian sailboat Pallada gears for International tour

The famed Russian sailboat Pallada is set to sail cruise around the globe. The tour will start off from Vladivostok in Russia from 3rd February. Pallada is owned by Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University. The Trans-Pacific International Tour will span over three months.

The Pallada sailboat is world renowned and has its glory of fame. It is recorded in the Guinness book of world records as the fastest sailboat with a speed that extends over 18 knots. Pallada has emerged victorious in many international festivals and races. Pallada was built in 1989 and has since engaged in over a 100 international trips. Many celebrities have graced the Pallada with their presence.

For the tour, the crew will be comprises of 100 cadets from the university and from other Far Eastern naval academies. During the tour the famed sailboat will visit South Korea, Japan, China and Vietnam. The tour will end on 5th May at the home port Vladivostok .

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