Allochroous: The 2012 Millennium Yacht Design Award Winner

Allochroous, designed by Turkish designer Ezgi Aksan and Italian designer Ambra Ceronetti has been honoured with the 2012 Millennium Yacht Design Award (MYDA) in the Dream Category. This yacht inspired by nature provides an ideal podium for conducting a summer concert at sea. Such kind of yacht features transformable body and colour by the use of innovative technologies. Allochroous means “changing colour”, which goes well with this kind of yacht developed by the new concept.

It is specially designed to host concerts, private parties and other events. The glass tiles fixed on to the yacht change colour according to the outside temperature. Hence, Allochroous keeps on altering its colour throughout the day and night. Its main feature is the ability to transform the shape.

With a twin floating arms and a motorised torpedo, Allochroous, the 40 meter-long yacht, looks like a fish out-of-water. The yacht’s frame moves down to sea level in rest, while ascents when the yacht is moving.

The yacht includes a lounge area with tables and chairs, a concert floor and a cocktail bar. The lower deck has been featured with private bathrooms, cooking facilities and other services. Allochroous’s base structure is designed by using recycled aluminium. The base appears like the replica of a honeycomb structure. The roof has been installed with solar panels in order to produce required energy and also, a step to prevent the environment.

Allochroous is induced with Corian floating, where Cronos means a strong focus on wooden work. The Cronos has been designed by young designers Simone Madella and Lorenzo Bersell.


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