Dream Symphony – The Largest Yacht to be Ever Built

Updated Dec 2012

The Dream Symphony, the largest yacht to be ever built is currently being constructed near Marmaris in Turkey. As modern technology takes a new swing, the sailing boat still strikes a chord with conversationalists by moulding herself purely out of wood. The four-masted schooner has already been tagged as one of the most amazing yachts of this century even though she has still to take to the seas. Continue reading

Auction of Hemisphere: A Benefit for Oceana

The superyacht Catamaran Hemisphere is up for auction at ‘Christie’s Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth’. The auction not only gives you a chance to go on an ideal yacht holiday but to support and become a part of solid ideals as well! Continue reading

James Cameron Voyage to the Deepest Point on the Earth

James Cameron, the director of the films like Titanic, Avatar and Aliens, has finished the world’s first solo dive to the deepest point on the Earth. This is an exclusive voyage to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean’s Marina Trench located to the southwest of Guam. Continue reading

Wider Yachts 150: luxury on water!

Wider Yachts will be introducing its first megayacht project, Wider 150, just about a year after it stepped into the yachting world with its first boat, the Wider 42. The most exciting news is, Wider Yachts will design the yacht’s interior according to the owner’s preferences and choice in addition to four guest staterooms and an upper-deck master suite! Continue reading