Auction of Hemisphere: A Benefit for Oceana

The superyacht Catamaran Hemisphere is up for auction at ‘Christie’s Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth’. The auction not only gives you a chance to go on an ideal yacht holiday but to support and become a part of solid ideals as well!

The owners of the super-yacht Catamaran Hemisphere are offering a weeklong charter as part of the Christie’s Green Auction. The proceeds for the Hemisphere charter auction will go to Oceana, the world’s largest charitable organization that strives to protect the world’s oceans.

The charter voyage package is estimated to be of $245,000 and takes 10 to 12 people for cruising by Hemisphere in either Croatia or the Caribbean. The Croatian itinerary comprises of eight days and seven nights. The Caribbean package is the same length of time.

This is the second year that a yacht charter is up for auction, thanks to corporate sponsorship of Oceana by Burgess. Burgess has sponsored the auction by Oceana same as it sponsored the auction of the charter by Lady Sheridan’s last year.

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