Dream Symphony – The Largest Yacht to be Ever Built

Updated Dec 2012

The Dream Symphony, the largest yacht to be ever built is currently being constructed near Marmaris in Turkey. As modern technology takes a new swing, the sailing boat still strikes a chord with conversationalists by moulding herself purely out of wood. The four-masted schooner has already been tagged as one of the most amazing yachts of this century even though she has still to take to the seas.

On 23rd September 2011 Dream Ship Victory signed a contract with Amsterdam based Dykstra & Partners for the naval architecture of the yacht. Ken Freivokh will be styling and designing the 141m loa (462ft) Dream Symphony.

Dream Ship Victory has a long history behind the construction of their large scale wooden yachts, including Mikhail Vorontsov at 65m, Princess Maria at 55m and Imagination at 42m. Furthermore, Gerry Dykstra of Dykstra & Partners who is building the yacht has an incredible body of work ranging from J-class to sailing yachts as small as 30m.

Although intricate design and construction details about the yacht have been kept under wraps, it is said that the yacht will be built with cold-moulded laminated structure resulting in a strong monocoque structure. As the hull of the yacht will be of wood, a material that is 18 times more flexible than steel, Dream Symphony would have to carefully engineer its stiffness.

A 200m long construction shed is constructed near Marmaris in Turkey for the yacht by reclaiming land from the sea and the mountains.

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