Web Application to Detect Pirates at High Seas

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Vessels coursing the high seas may soon be able to track movements of pirates through a web based application. The application will work in any area where there is an internet connection. The application will work on a global scale. Sailors will be able to track movements of illegal vessels, arms traffickers, drug dealers and other disreputable elements at sea. Continue reading

Pallada Returns Home After Pacific Tour

The Russian sailing vessel Pallada finally returned after completing its three month long international expedition of the trans Pacific. A Spokesman of Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, who owns the vessel stated that Pallada has now arrived at Vladivostok, its far eastern home port. Continue reading

ASV Roboat: The Unmanned Sailboat’s Longest Journey

Believe it or not! It’s true that the unmanned sailboat will work for 100 hours without human involvement as well as cover 150 nautical miles, which will be the longest journey completed by an autonomous sailboat. Continue reading

Columbus Sport 130ft Hybrid: First ‘Green’ $30million Yacht on Sale

How is the idea of sailing the world without ruining the planet? This might sound strange to ear, but it’s true and real. The Italian boat builders, Palumbo has proved the idea by designing two boats, e.g.130ft Columbus superyacht as well as 120ft long vessel made of aluminium for lighter weight. Continue reading

Superyachts Sound Synonymous to the Cannes Film Festival

It’s tough to define luxury if you are talking about celebrities, and their great eminence. With extravagant lifestyle, they know how to keep themselves in limelight. To understand the meaning of lavishness, it’s better if you get a glimpse of the Cannes Film Festival 2012. Continue reading

London: A Top Destination for Superyachts

London is prepared to host the Olympic 2012 as well as busy in organising the Royal Jubilee. Because of ongoing development and a large scale reformation in almost all spheres, the city is voted for the first time the world’s best place to visit. It is also termed as the hottest destination of 2012. Continue reading