Battle for the World’s Mega -Yacht

Russian business tycoon Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse super-yacht with a length of 164m is the biggest yacht in the world, but it will come at the second position after the creation of Dh2.27 billion mega-yacht – Project Azzam. It is supposed to be a huge 180m mega-yacht built for Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The mega-yacht is expected to be 16m longer than Eclipse.

Ongoing construction of this mega-yacht will mark its position as the largest yacht in the world after it is completed by the Lurssen Yachts facility in Germany. However, the company has not confirmed anything by keeping everything as a top-secret. Once the bow is attached, the mega-yacht will be seen at the 220m floating dock.

It is a big mystery – what will be the exact length of the mega – yacht? But it is rumoured that the mega-yacht will be 180m or above. The mega-yachts owner is one of the richest Arabs in the world and the Middle East’s richest capitalist coming at # 29 positions as ranked by Forbes.

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