Expandable Wider Yacht

Now enjoy voyaging waters with an expandable Wider Yacht. When completely-extended, the yacht expands with a walk-able surface of 193.5 square feet with a width of 21.6 feet. This is a magical discovery as it was apparently unimaginable a couple of years ago for a 42 foot yacht.

Transformable cockpit is one of the greatest designs by Tilli Antonelli. It can be automatically operated providing a large surface area like a very big boat. It’s incredible, fast and luxurious. It’s lightweight, but strong build by new vacuum infusion molding techniques for carbon. This process is also used in aeroplane and Formula 1 racing.

The yacht is powered by a 480Hp Cummins engine, which can provide a top speed of 50 knots. It includes a sink, Teppanyaki griddle, a sunbathing deck and a movable ice box. The yacht has C-shaped seating with an LED television. Wider Yacht’s seats can be converted to a double bed. It can accommodate more than 12 passengers.

The basic model of Wider Yacht will cost around $1.12 million.

Photo Credit: Wider Yacht

Williams Performance Tenders Expands Business in South East Asia

As a part of its highly ambitious plans to expand the business in South East Asia, the world famous Williams Performance Tenders appoints its first authorized dealer in Thailand and in Barcelona, Spain. Continue reading

Sudbury Yacht Club’s New Training Vessels

The Sudbury Yacht Club is very excited because its new training vessels successful hit the water.

On July 9th, 2012, the company unveiled six two-person 420s and five single-person Optimist dinghys priced around $75,000 at the club’s headquarters on Ramsey Lake.

Up to $66,400 – this huge amount was offered by an Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Robert Montgomery said: “It’s a completely brand new fleet, which will replace all of training vessels.”

During the launching ceremony, a crowd of kids surrounded Rick Bartolucci, Niilo Saari and other Sudbury Yacht Club leaders.

Montgomery said: “I can guarantee you, each and every one of these kids is itching to use these boats.”

Bartolucci said: “You ensure that as you are upgrading your boats, the teaching you are going to be doing can be done in a safe and modern environment.”

The 11 dinghies will be appointed for teaching on a daily basis, especially during summer months.

Major retired training vessels like CL14s, CL11s, Alliauras and one older-model Optimist will be sold at auction to club members. The rest of the vessels will be auctioned off to public.

Image Credit: CreativeCommons/ Davidmoerike

Intrepid Up For Sale


Intrepid, a 36 -ft islander sailboat, that was once sailed around the world by Zach Sunderland, as a teenager is up for sale.

Mariner, a boating magazine in Marina del Rey, California has listed Intrepid at $59,000 in their July issue.

Sunderland made it to the title of being the youngest to sail solo around the world in 2009. He completed a 13 month tour around the world overcoming large freighters and even a number of possible pirates. On this voyage, he sailed around 28,000 nautical miles.

Aby, Sunderland’s sister tried to achieve a similar feat in 2010, but was discouraged when her mast was broken 2,000 miles west of Australia when she was already several months into her voyage.

Jessia Watson, stole the title from Zach when she finished a solo world voyage around the world at 16, in 2010.

The sale of Intrepid is being managed by Purcell Yachts, which is owned by Gerry Purcell.

Intrepid is fitted with costly equipment and necessities that you need to go around the world.

So Intrepid is now eager to take on the high seas once again.