Paul Allen’s 199-foot Motor Yacht Moored in Monterey Harbour

Since Monday (10 September 2012), Microsoft co-founder – Paul Allen’s 199-foot motor yacht Medusa has been moored in Monterey Harbour. Manager of Monterey Bay Boat Works, Diane Colwell said that the yacht is likely to stay in the port until next week.

Subsequent to a voyage from Hawaii to Washington State and down the coast, fuel is being fed to the vessel.

Diane Colwell said that the massive yacht could be moored only after the completion of Monterey Bay Boat Works’ new guest docks. Its construction began in July and it was completed on August 3, 2012.

Adding to her notes, Colwell said: “Since that time the guest docks have been full and the permanent docks are also full.”

Since 1987, when the boat service company came in the operation, after that it’s offering the only boat yard repair facility as well as permanent and guest boat slips and fuelling station in the harbour.

The “one-stop eco dock” of Bay Boat Works provides free bilge, oil and head pump outs for boaters.

Image credit: Creative Commons/ian mcwilliams

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