$60m Eco-friendly Superyacht Gets Renovated in NZ

The Ethereal is being renovated at the Orams marina in Westhaven, Auckland. Owned by American couple Bill and Shannon Joy, it cost them more than $60 million. In 2009, the sailboat was custom-built according to its Eco-minded owners.

Designed by New Zealander Ron Holland, the Ethereal is the most Eco-friendly yacht costing $274,000 for a week to rent. The yacht is completely powered by wind, but its propellers are driven by a hybrid of diesel and electric motors that steer the boat, power household items and recharge the batteries all at once when there is no wind.

The Ethereal is a 58m long super yacht capable of carrying 10 guests and 12 crew members. It has two luxurious seating areas as well as hammocks on the top deck, along with three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a music room.

About Owners

Mr Joy is the co-founder of IT firm Sun Microsystems. For their contribution to marine wildlife conservation, Mr and Mrs Joy got the Perseus Award in 2011. Mrs Joy, a new member of the board of a San Francisco-based charity ‘WildAid’ helps stop the trade in endangered animal parts. Being the director of the Joy Family Foundation, she focuses on the protection of marine ecosystems.

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