Beijing Waterway Prepares to Welcome Luxury Yachts

Subsequent to the agreement signed between the Beijing Jing Cheng River Basin Tourism Development Inc. and the Beijing Jing Cheng Long Mai Yacht Club Inc., a fleet of luxury yachts will be shuttled on the 10 km Kunyu River, which flows southward from the Summer Place into the city centre of Beijing. Continue reading

Alphaland to Build P2Billion Yacht Club

On 7th November 2012, Alphaland Corp. announced its idea of constructing a P2-Billion yacht club, which will cater as the centrepiece of its premium self-concentrated seaside community – the Bay City. Continue reading

Maine Boat Builder Launches a Custom-built yacht for a Solo-Sailor

Kiwi Spirit, the 63-foot cruising yacht built by Lyman Morse Boatbuilding Company, hovered just above high tide Nov. 1 before slipping into the St. George River and a life of competitive sailing. (Photos by Lynda Clancy)

A Maine boat builder especially made a custom-built yacht designed by Farr Yacht Designs for a Florida man planning a solo-sail around the world. Continue reading