Prada’s Luxury Yacht Sets Sail

Prada Challenge

Credit: Flickr / Yasuhiro Chatani / CC BY 2.0

For a 2013 historic sailing race – America’s Cup taking place in San Francisco, Miuccia PRADA and Patrioizo Bertelli look forward to investing € 40 million in the making of a luxury yacht.

With this race, it will be the 4th time for the couple to join hands for taking part in the annual challenge. Their new vessel will be the most impressive and grandest to date. About 300 workers built a 22 –ft maxi catamaran – sponsored by Prada in 52,000 hours approximately.

Last week, a new vessel was added to Bertelli’s Luna Rossa sailing team in Auckland, New Zealand. Both love sailing and they like to be a part of it.

“When I first met Patrizio, we competed in regattas in small eight-meter boats,” Miuccia PRADA said. It’s something that they won together.

“She was the boatman,” recalled Bertelli. “She was on the bow, she always had a role.”


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