Alphaland to Build P2Billion Yacht Club

On 7th November 2012, Alphaland Corp. announced its idea of constructing a P2-Billion yacht club, which will cater as the centrepiece of its premium self-concentrated seaside community – the Bay City.

The Marina Club will be the biggest yacht club in the Philippines, scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2014, Alphaland project Coordinator, Apa Ongpin said.

Designed by renowned Filipino architects Carmelo Casas and partners, this three-story clubhouse extends over 3,000 square feet. Its marina is designed by Joe Goddard Marine Pty. Ltd. of Australia.

Ongpin stated that the club’s construction will total around P2 billion whereas the breakwater will cost P700 million alone. The company looks forward to monitoring everything so that “What happened along Roxas Boulevard” shouldn’t get repeated.

Citing in his notes, he said that the company is funding internally, but it seeks different ways of financing.

The developer intends to put up for sale from 3000 to 5000 shares priced P1 million or more per share, director for Sales and Marketing of Alphaland, Joanna Duarte Said.

Duarte said that the Marina club is not only for boat owners. It is also for those who aren’t interested in owning a boat, but they want to enjoy the nautical lifestyle. However, only members and crew have access to the marina.

Initially, five boats will be offered in a small fleet at the Marina Club, soon 20 boats will be offered to members at reasonable rates. All boats will have modern designs and loads of conveniences. With several facilities, members can stay away from the concerns of maintaining and managing a boat so that they can enjoy sailing on waters.

This project is going to attract not only Filipino boat lovers, in fact, but it is also going to be a total hit with local and international boat enthusiasts as well, Ongpin said.

Because of the limited berthing capacity, some boat owners had to berth their boats abroad. The Marina Club will provide 300 berths for boats of all sizes minimizing the problem for around 550 Filipino boat owners.

There will be hundreds of employees in the Marina Club, which is aiming to expand the local boat industry.

The company will collaborate with different manufacturers, dealerships, brokerages, and suppliers to make the clubhouse as the sales office for boat builders of the country. This will help buyers purchase both brand new and pre-owned boats under a single roof, Ongpin said.

Demo boats will be available for trial in the club, which will become a one-stop-shop for all items and services necessary for boat ownership as well as after-sales support.

The three-house clubhouse will be ideal for social and business gatherings. It will serve guests with scores of dining and entertainment options, which also includes five private dining rooms.

Soon, it will turn out as a full-featured country club with a clean, secure, and efficient facility.

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