US to Build Drone Submarines to Track Enemy Vessels

American military looks forward to developing unmanned submarine – Drones, which will track and case underwater vessels of rival nations in oceans.

In a report, RIA Novosti cited that the initial steps of developing “unmanned drone submarines” by the United States Department of Defense are ready in the process. For “tracking and following enemy subs for months at a time,” these vessels will navigate oceans across the globe.

According to Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), it is tasked with developing new military technologies and initiated the project since “the growing number of adversaries able to build and operate quiet diesel-electric submarines is a national security threat that affects the US and friendly naval operations around the world.”

With its non-conventional sensor technologies that “achieve robust continuous track of the quietest submarine targets over their entire operating envelope,” the drone submarines are capable of patrolling US coastlines up to 80 days at once travelling thousands of kilometres, DARPA said.

“Patrol the waters for enemy submarines and then chase them away if located,” Discovery news cited that is one of the main tasks of the oceanic drone as well as “the sub will also gather information deemed necessary by the US government, which will then be sent to US naval commanders up above on land.”

In August, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) was awarded a $58 million contract by DARPA for the design and construction of a prototype of the vessel.


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