Durrat Marina Reveals New Yacht Club

On 9th December 2012, Durrat Marina – A Bahrain based company announced the construction of its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Durrat Marina Yacht Club Company.

Located at the heart of the Durrat Marina project, the yacht club anchors it with near 200,000 sq. m of marina facilities providing a vibrant marina environment.

The Durrat Marina Yacht Club Company is undertaking the development and management of the project marina and associated services.

Captain Omar Ardati has been appointed as general manager of the newly-formed Yacht Club Company announced by Waleed Saffy, chief executive of Durrat Marina chief executive.

After completion, the yacht club will feature state-of-art facilities such as a swimming pool, men and women’s gyms, retail shops, cafes, and restaurants. It will also offer a range of aquatic activities such as sailing, parasailing, jet-skiing, kayaking, and scuba diving.

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