Celebrity Cruises Awarded a Silver Level Certification

Credit: Creative Commons/Maprie

Celebrity Cruises has been named “Autism Friendly.” This is a Silver Level award. This means that Celebrity Cruises does ensure and provide a safe environment for any child who has a developmental disability. Continue reading

The FarEast 28R pocket rocket boat that costs less than £35,000

The technology in the world of boat racing has made amazing high quality sportsboats much more affordable to consumers all around the world. There are more and more buyers in the market when it comes to investing in design race boats Continue reading

Sailing Reinstated For The Paralympic Games

Some April Fools jokes are funnier than others. The latest offering from Scuttlebutt Sailing News goes into the “not at all funny” pile. The premise of the “joke” is that sailing has been reinstated for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and that new boats will be required for the event. Continue reading

The Exhilarating Pershing 70, leaves nothing to desire

The exquisite design will attract even the most critical of luxury private yacht enthusiasts. With its twin 1600-horsepower MTU 10V 2000 M94 diesels, this optimal performing cruiser with a speeds reaching 46 knots, and a cruising speed of 40 knots, will certainly keep a smile on your face.

Credit: Yachting Magazine / Alberto Cocchi

The meticulous design of the Pershing 70 helps to solidify the reputation for strongly built hulls, able to handle the off shore high performance cruising mission to anywhere your heart desires to go. The Pershing 70 is available in two equally tantalizing accommodating layouts. At first glimpse, the stunning yacht strikes up images of luxurious cruises with its exceptional design in the midst of imposing shapes, original structural design and a thoughtfully selected palette of colors. The large windows enhance the beauty of the yachts sporty appearance.

The fuel capacity is 925 gallons allowing would be adventurists to sail up to 280 nautical miles. With comfortable accommodations for up to 16 people with three cabins, this 70-foot jewel is not your neighbors sail boat. The all-new Pershing 70 built is for performance, pleasing to the eyes and is equipped with blue tooth capability; to link to an Iphone or IPAD allowing the owner to monitor and control curtains, lights and air conditioning. Also available is a web option through which a remote alarm can notify you in case water gets into the bilge, for example.

The pride of owning the Pershing 70 says many things, however most of all it says ownership definitely has its privileges.