Star Clippers Have A New Luxury Cruise Ship In The Works

Star Clippers

Set for launching in 2017, the biggest cruise ship, since the Royal Clipper in July 2000, will be set sail. This new vessel measures 8,770 tons and will transport 300 passengers. The barque will be five-masted and square rigged. It will be a close replica of the dramatic France II, which was commissioned as the largest square rigger as of 1911. The Royal Clipper is modeled after the famous German ship, the Preussen. Continue reading

Viking Star Cruise Ship Is In a Class of Its Own

Cruise ships have always been seen as the height of luxury. They cater beautifully to their passengers, providing an experience that some people are lucky to enjoy once in a lifetime. Each cruise brings the passengers through incredible waters with a gorgeous view while they experience luxury services from a ship dedicated to offering the ultimate in customer service to everyone on board.

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Rolex Fastnet Race: The World’s Biggest Offshore Race

Credit: 2013 Rolex Fastnet Race. Photo: Rolex/Kurt Arrigo

Credit: 2013 Rolex Fastnet Race. Photo: Rolex/Kurt Arrigo

It’s that year again, well, it’s that year that happens every two years again. That’s right, it’s time for the Rolex Fastnet Race. The Fastnet is the largest offshore sailing race that happens once every two years. Continue reading