Modern super yacht upon the waters

Credit: Omega Architects

Credit: Omega Architects

Mulder’s 94 Voyager Firefly is a sail boat of its own kind. Ever imagined a beautiful and large luxury yacht floating so comfortably on the deep waters of the oceans? How about one that voyages for a long distance with ease and speed? Well this is the generation that has lived to see the coming up of such yacht. Very elegant and massive, Mulder’s 94 Voyager Firefly has a very large exterior. What this means is that the outside make of the yacht is very big and when one comes out and basks in the mid-ocean sun, they would feel like they actually are settled on their very own compound except that now they are surrounded by mass of water. The inside part of Mulder’s 94 Voyager Firefly superyacht as well is very comfortable and spacious. It allows for normal family living and can accommodate you for as long as you are sailing on the water. It looks like a house as it is divided into rooms where you can have a living room, a kitchen and bedrooms.

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First Virgin Cruises Ship to Sail from Miami in 2020

Technology has brought about great innovation all over the world. We have seen many wonders with reference to innovation and are yet to see more. Richard Branson has come with news that he is lately venturing in some ship by the name Virgin Cruises. We don’t really have an idea of how this one looks like. However, in a conference in Port Miami, Branson said that this one is under construction and will begin sailing in the year 2020. He revealed this at a particular press conference in Miami.  Continue reading

The Rise of Admiral X Force Mega-yacht

The new Admiral X-force 145 mega-yacht has features like no other. It owes a good many numbers of comforting features that run up to 465 feet in length. This mega-yacht has been furnished and designed with the best chandeliers and marble floor from reputable manufacturing companies. Continue reading