The Ganesha Sailing Experience

The superyacht Ganesha is spectacular. She was built by Dutch shipyard Vitters with smooth lines, a slender silhouette, and superior performance. She is a racing yacht with elegance and comfort. The Ganesha is 46 metersĀ and is built to achieve performance at new and higher levels. Combining performance and efficiency with luxury comfort, the Ganesha is an ideal home on the seas. The Vitters have elevated the Ganesha in terms of yacht design for sailing and racing as well as superb interiors. What is dazzling and amazing is that the Ganesha can change from a comfortable family living vessel into a high-performance sailing vessel within seven minutes.

Features of this unique yacht include a lifting keel for increased stability. A design goal was for the yacht was to build a vessel that was powerful yet light in weight. The yacht has one of the highest power/weight ratio created by Dubois. Another feature is uncluttered deck space, which creates a visual design of clean sharp lines. This design goes beyond the look of the vessel to the improved safety for the crew and family.

Elegance and comfort are the hallmarks of the superyacht. Living spaces are gracious and spacious. In the main public space, there is an open-air design, which is flooded with sunlight. Natural light is known to elevate the spirits. The furnishing is fresh beige leather with beige cabinetry. Light wooden floors complement the furnishing and cabinets. The design of the public space is sculptural in terms of the palate of colors and shape of the furnishings. The spacious yacht has 4 guest suites and can comfortably accommodate 8 guests. Guest suites are designed with the tone, color, and shape that enhances the ambianceĀ and created a cozy atmosphere. The ultimate in luxury can be seen in the master suite.

The Ganesha is a high-performance yacht that combines luxury, elegance, and comfort. It is both a fast-moving vessel and a comfortable family home.


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