Russian billionaire said to be building largest sailing yacht in world

Sailing Yacht

Credit: Pxhere

Sailing yachts are getting bigger and better and Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko not to be left behind, is building the largest sailing yacht at a length of more than 480 feet.

The ship supposedly called “White Pearl” is being constructed in secret since 2012. Yacht workers in Germany who are working closely with the project say that the yacht dimensions will be around 147 meters or 482 feet. This would easily be bigger than the 1930s 93-meter “Sea Cloud” and Tom Perkins built 289-foot “Maltese Falcon.”

If true, “White Pearl” would be Melnichenko’s second avant-garde megayacht, the first one being a motor-yacht named “A” – a stylish 394-feet ship that is extremely popular and photographed in the world. The gleaming Baccarat crystal finish, advanced technology, and security systems of the “A” are said to be the cynosure of so many eyes.

But Melnichenko, a Russian billionaire who made his fortune from banking, steel, and fertilizer has gone a step further and built even a more “jaw-dropping” ship at the Nobiskrug shipyard in Kiel, Germany. According to workers, the ship will have an open atrium that will soar to three stories, a humongous swimming pool and design scheme that resembles “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Made of super lightweight, high-strength carbon fiber, the ship’s mast system is made up of three masts and is heralded by a crew of 66 people.

“White Pearl” is expected to launch in July 2016, according to one yacht worker.


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