Lürssen 91m project ‘Orchid’ is Good to Go

Updated Nov 2015

This is one of the luxury yachts that have been designed in our lifetime. It is so elegant and beautifully designed. Shining in the shimmer of the afternoon sun and producing foams as she femininely floats the blue waters of the seas, she dwells with beautiful elegance. This is no ordinary sailboat; it is class and beauty in one. this is one of the luxury yachts of our century and wherever it is that you want to voyage and get away from the society to only be surrounded by waters, it so willingly allows you aboard and the journey that she will take you into the oceans is one that is luxurious and amazing like one you have never seen before.

The outer make of his luxury yacht has got an extension that literally allows you to enjoy the breeze of the ocean as the sun so warmingly bath your body. It resembles sitting in the balcony of your story and watching life down below you. The only difference is that in this sense it is just water and more water and the view is amazingly beautiful.

The interior of this yacht is also amazing and quite cosy so that when you are sailing across the seas you won’t have to worry a bit about being uncomfortable like it happens in some other sailboats. The kind of seats waiting to fathom you are so comfortable and they are positioned so that it allows you to have a beautiful view of the environment as you voyage.

This is a modern yacht and you just won’t want to miss out on the fun it offers. Whether it is a long or a short voyage, she is ready, beautiful a cosy.

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