Iconic Endeavour JK4

Updated Nov 2015

Britain’s worthiest America’s Cup challenger the Endeavour is a yacht of its own kind. This iconic yacht is touted as the most beautiful J Class bike and has competed only once in the last decade.

She was built in 1934 by the talented Camper & Nicholsons and designed by Charles Nicholson in 146 days. Described as the perfect boat’ by Nat Herreshoff she was the only J yacht to beat the original Rainbow. However, no more of Endeavour was seen as her owner favoured personal cruising.

The Endeavour had since then sat in her Solent mud berth while being handed around to a variety of owners. It was when Elizabeth Meyer bought and reconstructed her, the J class yacht was once again revived. Meyer had Endeavour re-configured by Dykstra & Partners before cruising her around the world.

In recent times Yachting Developments in New Zealand had refurbished the yacht removing 40tones of material including 14 deck winches.

Endeavour JK4 (original)
Designed by: C.E. Nicholson and re-configured by Dykstra & Partners
Build Camper & Nicholsons in 1934.
Identifying features:  Breton-striped crew shirts, Navy blue hull and a red cross on the white spinnaker.
Rockstar rating: Torben Grael helming.
Price: €20m

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