Sailing tips in winter

Yachts sailing on Lake Taupo

Credit: QFSE Media /

Sailing in the winter is peaceful and sometimes it may even lead to self-discovery, but at the same time, it also comes with its risks. Lesser boats on the shore, frozen seas, snow-covered mountains and an overall feeling of tranquillity that makes the voyage a surreal one. Continue reading

Most Expensive sailboats in the world

Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon. Credit: PD Photo

Sunny days won’t last long, soak up as much sun as you can, and the most adventurous way to do so is to board a ship and set sail. So start saving your money to make the voyage, so what they are a bit expensive, they are totally worth it.

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Deadly islands around the world

Fiji Island

Fiji Island Credit: Flickr / Christian Haugen / CC BY 2.0

Sailors and wannabe globe trotters many times get stuck on inhospitable islands which are inhabitable or are filled with wild animals. But, what if the island is beautiful and filled with nature’s bounty, but the people are as deadly as any wild animal? Here are some of the islands around the world where you have to write your will the first thing before venturing any further.

1) North Sentinel Island- India

These people have a very interesting habit of eating the coconuts that are delivered on their beaches and killing the pigs with arrows and burying them, and the most fascinating quality is trying to kill their visitors. Now, a great place for vacation, isn’t it?
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Bugatti’s Luxury Yachts: The Cheapest Boat Starts at €2 Million

Recently, Bugatti, the maker of the world’s speediest, most teched-out sports cars and Palmer Johnson, a US-based luxury yacht manufacturer, have undertaken a massive joint venture to create the perfect high-class casual yacht. Continue reading