Deadly islands around the world

Sailors and wannabe globe trotters many a times get stuck on inhospitable islands which are inhabitable or are filled with wild animals. But, what if the island is beautiful and filled with nature’s bounty, but the people are as deadly as any wild animal? Here are some of the islands around the world where you have to write your will the first thing before venturing any further.

1) North Sentinel Island- India

These people have a very interesting habit of eating the coconuts that are delivered on their beaches and killing the pigs with arrows and burying them, and the most fascinating quality is trying to kill their visitors. Now, a great place for vacation, isn’t it?

2) Fiji island

Credit: Creative Commons/Christian Haugen

Credit: Creative Commons/Christian Haugen

You might think that Fiji is some sort of a natural heaven due to its exotic beaches and the sun, but you better think again. The indigenous tribes in and around the islands of Fiji practiced cannibalism years ago, and some of them are believed to be cannibals even today. Better steer clear of those isles.

3) Ramree Islands –Burma

Credit: Creative Commons/Tomás Castelazo

Credit: Creative Commons/ Tomás Castelazo

The Ramree Island has seen ‘one of the greatest disasters humans faced due to animals’. In the World War II, 400 Japanese soldiers were forced to dock on the island, but to their misfortune, all of them were eaten by the saltwater crocodiles that inhibit the area.

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