Mercedes-Benz Style Unveils Luxury Motor Yacht – A Silver Arrow of the seas

Arrow460 – Granturismo is the luxury motor yacht called “A Silver Arrow of the seas”. Mercedes Benz Style and Silver Arrow Marine are the project partners in designing this yacht which has fascinating elegance, luxury, speed, and last but not the least safety. This Yacht is named “Mercedes” and really lives up to its name with the true meaning of it. This luxury yacht entered into the waters of the Cote d’Azur for the first time on April 18 this year, on the coast of Nice. It was built at Silver Arrow Marine Ltd.

With a capacity of 10 passengers, the 14-meter long, 706 kW (960 hp), the yacht boasts a performance of Mercedes-Benz sports car and innovations of the sailboat industry. It can cruise up to a top speed of 40knots and has 1,200 litres (317 US gal) of the fuel tank. The exterior reflects many traditional automotive designs of the Mercedes-Benz. Hull colour is Silver paint with an elite interior using 3D veneer eucalyptus wood, Nubuck leather, and Mesh fabric structure for a backrest. Having JBL by Harman® and BOSE® Sound system, built-in chilled wine storage, Ice-maker and so on.. to add to the very luxurious ambience, extendable tables, and beds, as well as a luxurious bathroom unit and a separate dressing room too! The unique ”luminous transmittance control system” elevates the entire experience. It’s very important that with the ultra-luxurious interior design minute practical details like handrails are also taken care of.

Mercedes claims it has the best of open-top cruisers combined with the privacy of a cabin cruiser. The design of the cabins with extraordinarily large windows gives you the pleasure of feeling outside but protecting you from the splash of seawater.
The price of the Arrow 460 Granturismo begins at $1.7 million (£1.2 million).


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