The Underwater Lounge – New Concept in Luxury Cruise Ships

The passengers aboard luxury cruise will be able to enjoy their drink n dine sitting below the sea waves and observing sea life passing by, from the year 2018 when the world’s first sub-aquatic ship lounge will be launched.

The premium French expedition cruise line, Ponant, which is famous for its luxury and expeditions cruises, has announced the launch of these cruise ships, ‘Explorer Class’ fleet of ships as they say. Whale watching is a very popular attraction nowadays and has become a part of many cruise line itineraries. But all this has been just skimming the seawater surface.

Ponant has been always coming up with innovative cruise concepts since its inception, one of Ponant’s ships, Le Soleal, was the first-ever French commercial ship to traverse the Northwest Passage in the year 2013. Ponant is the world leader in polar expeditions and has done over 336 expeditions to Polar Regions so far.

Truly immersive or submissive adventure – underwater observation lounges. The lounge will have floor-to-ceiling giant windows built in the hull, will also be having an Infinity pool. These ships with underwater lounge will be around 419ft in length, comparatively lesser in length than the most of the existing cruise ships. They are designed this way to able to go close to places where existing longer ships cannot. They will have seven decks with complete facilities of a luxury cruise ship, gym, and spa, and so on. Will have a capacity to host a maximum of 184 guests in 92 cabins unlike hundreds and thousands in some mega cruise ships and will have 110 crew members. The authentic French cuisine onboard has been put together by Ducasse Conseil.

The ships will have an ice-class hull which will enable safe access in the extreme climate of the Polar Regions of Antarctica and the Arctic Circle. Each ship will be having the modern marine technology and very important is much of which will be used for the preservation of the environment in the regions to which they will sail. The expeditions in these ships with underwater lounges will be the ‘Blue and Green Expeditions’ concept, along with Ponant ‘s existing ‘White Expeditions’.

The first such ship will sail directly into Australian waters; its inaugural cruises will be in the Kimberley region off the Western Australia coast. Surely it will be a unique experience for the passengers on board to go on the first in the world ‘Blue and Green Expedition’!


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