Epiphany Superyacht Could be One of The World’s Largest Yacht

At 130 metres (426.5ft) long, if Epiphany was unveiled to sail in today’s date it would be the largest luxury superyacht, a floating palace with striking design, multiple cinemas, and a VIP lounge. Just to highlight its size, Epiphany would be half of the length of the Carnival’s smallest cruise ships measuring approximately 855 feet, which is really a massive size for a yacht. Epiphany superyacht designed by a British designer Andy Waugh stands out in all aspects.

Andy Waugh a graduate from the prestigious Transport Design course at Coventry University, says “Epiphany is a product of ‘simple sophistication’ a concept derived from analysis of what makes a ‘design classic’. Classic designs are usually described as elegant in their simplicity but in order to achieve this result, there is always a sophisticated resolution of numerous, conflicting technical and ergonomic factors.”

The massive owner’s deck has a stateroom with skylights, a private cinema, office with space for staff members or assistants, gym, spa, and a Jacuzzi. VIP deck having four separate cabins with a private balcony to each cabin is exactly below the owner’s deck. The main bar opening towards the aft deck, allows guests to have the pleasure of al fresco dining when the temperatures and weather are most favorable outside. The bridge of Epiphany is uniquely situated on the upper deck, (this is unusual for superyachts) offers stunning birds-eye views of the ocean and a fold-down wing-bridge which is used for the pure aesthetic look and an unparallel design. The aft deck is equipped very elegantly designed round-shaped swimming pool and the circular sunbathing zone around it; this gets converted into a helipad when required.

The beauty of the design of the Epiphany is many aspects are more conventional than they actually look. According to Andy Waugh’s one of the important concepts, “to give an enhanced sense of openness and space.” A beach club and tender garage are located on the lower deck along with a cinema, dive room, and crew accommodations for up to 40 crewmembers. Double staircases on the lower deck lead to a swimming platform near the water’s edge.

The styling lines and unconventional deck plan give Epiphany a dramatic appearance. The yacht is a combination of beautifully curved exterior and clean lines. There is no official news as to whether anyone has yet commissioned the yacht to be built. It will be a superyacht to feature in some high-tech film as it is said; there are plenty of James Bond-style gadgets too on board!

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