The Dilbar – World’s Largest Yacht by Gross Tonnage and Volume

Lürssen a German shipbuilding company after a lot of secrecy in building and extensive sea trials finally delivered Project Omar to 62-year-old Alisher Usmanov, the richest man in Russia whose net worth is US$13.4 billion as per Forbes 2015 report. He also owns a 30.04% stake in Arsenal FC. Project Omar as named by media is actually The Dilbar. The name was taken from ex-Dilbar which was built in 2008, now Ona. Both the vessels are owned by Alisher Usmanov. Dilbar is his mother’s name. Dilbar was spotted in recent weeks in Gibraltar and France.

The full details the yacht is yet to be revealed. It took 52 months to build this 157m (512ft) length superyacht with the capacity of 40 guests in 20 cabins or staterooms and 80 plus crew members on board. Has 41,000 sq ft of living space and two helipads, one on the sundeck and one on the bow. Dilbar is the world’s fourth-largest superyacht and the biggest in terms of the volume. The gross tonnage is 15,917 tons, and the estimated cost is the US $600 million, though the final figures are not yet revealed by Lürssen or Alisher Usmanov.

This richest Russian compelled the German shipyard to build a superyacht that would not only stand out for its performance and luxurious decor but also for respecting the environment. Dilbar is the first vessel of its kind, which has a system that filters its emissions to control the level of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere making it eco-friendly too.

Tim Heywood, the multi-award-winning yacht designer for some of the finest and largest yachts on the water has designed the exterior of Dilbar. A motion system below the two-level bow hides makes the giant vessel sail smoothly. The white hull looks common but the large radars and heliport draw a great deal of attention to this marine beauty. The late designer Alberto Pinto, famous for his career as a photographer and exquisite interior designer of palaces, mansions was in charge of the interior decor. With the articulate request of the owner Alisher Usmanov, the images or details the interior of Dilbar are not revealed. But Alberto Pinto´s signature on the interior decor is a guarantee of luxury and elegance.


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