World’s Most Expensive Yachts


Eclipse. Credit: CC / Keld Gydum

To own a yacht is a sign of being wealthy and that’s to owning a superyacht is that of being super-rich. Today’s yachts are equipped with ultra-modern gadgets, bars, swimming pools, hot tubs, classy luxurious ambience and design, and many more that even a seven-star hotel will not have to offer. Super rich people have plenty of ways to display their wealth and owning a luxury yacht is one of the options. Here are the really expensive ones!

The Streets of Monaco

She is all set to be unveiled in the year 2017. A  project by Yacht Island Design. This 500 ft (153 m) long yacht will be a smaller replica of the well-known city of Monaco on the sea. Replicas of Monte Carlo Casino, the Monte Carlo Grand Prix track and Hotel de Paris, will be there on the board. Will accommodate only sixteen guests. The estimated price is $1 billion. Owner not yet revealed.


Also known as ‘the USD 1.5 billion yachts’.  Her original contract price was around USD 500 million. Owned and refurbished by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich in 2015. She has some highly sophisticated security systems such as an anti-paparazzi system, a laser is used to detect the electronic light sensors that digital cameras use. This camera after detected gets targeted with a powerful beam of bright light that overexposes the photo it has clicked thus making it useless.  Has two helipads, two swimming pools. She has a crew of 70.


Yacht, Dubai

Credit: Imre Solt / CC BY-SA 3.0

Custom-built like others, specially designed to accommodate and host Dubai Sheikh and princess. She has had several names in past.  Platinum, Panhandle, and Golden Star were then renamed Dubai, as it’s currently owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai. This ‘luxury floating city’ can host 115 guests onboard. She is worth more than $400 million today.

Superyacht A

Russian Billionaire Andrei Melchenko owns it. Has a price tag of $323 million. Size-wise it is smaller but has a unique exterior, plush interior, like a villain ship in a Bond movie! Can host a total of 14 guests and is served by 42 crew members.

These expensive yachts need huge money to upkeep them. It is estimated to cost 10% of its original value per year. It burns nearly 500 litres of fuel per hour when sailing. The crew onboard also costs a lot. The captain’s salary ranges from $15k to $22k per month.  The chef’s salary is approximately $10k and an average of $2.5k per month per crew. So a superyacht with 30 crew members on board would cost nearly $1.4 million per annum in the form of staff salary!


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