Night Sailing Tips For a Safe Travel

Sailing at night

Credit: Pixabay

A true sailor at heart will tell you the joys of sailing into the night. Sailing at night is an ethereal and almost spiritual incident that a few have experienced. Sailing at night can also be enjoyable as the sun is not harsh and the night breeze is refreshing. Let us explore some tips and tricks that will make your night journey pleasant and safe.

1) If you are sailing at night for the first time make sure you do it in known waters, as unknown territory may get troublesome.

2) Always have a member of your crew on watch, and set a timer for every half hour so the person will not fall asleep. You can also take turns to keep the watch.

3) Keep things like a torch, knife, safety ropes, watch, waterproof eye-gear, comfortable clothes, water, snacks, safety harness, binoculars, etc. ready and also store them in a convenient place.

4) Sailing at night can require continuous use of a variety of equipment like the navigation lights, radar, chart plotter, autopilot, VHF radio, AIS transceiver, etc which can consume a lot of power. Therefore make use of all the instruments wisely to lessen the power load.

5) Make use of modern technology and radars to avoid collision with other boats or disturbances, as it is difficult to identify traffic at night just by following the lights. Also, many vessels cannot be identified even on the radars.

By following some precautions and keeping a stable head on your shoulders, you can enjoy your adventurous night sailing trip to the fullest.


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