Luxury Concept Yacht That Swims Like Whale

Montreal-based industrial engineer Charles Bombardier has created a yacht concept called the Seataci, whimsical sea transport concept. The new concept of sailing in this yacht is not new in the ocean. The first sea creatures used their tails to glide through the ocean – Whale. Similarly, this yacht uses that ancient method of propulsion but with modern technology. Earlier this year Charles had conceptualised the Solar Express space train – Imagine New York to Dubai in 22 minutes.

The propulsion system of this yacht is unique and innovative. It uses a wave movement like the way whales travel through the water. It has two satellite engine pods submerged like submarines to generate movement. Foils in the pods oscillate to generate the movement required to propel the boat through the ocean. It’s a similar motion like a whale does with its tail, pushing through the water by making waves.

Seataci will be fuelled with hydrogen manufactured with hydro-electricity.  She will create very little disruption while slicing through calm seas as the propulsion system is designed in such a way that it’s like cetacean swimming in the water.  This will allow the ship to sail even in shallower waters without causing any damage to the sea life and ecosystem. The oscillating wings which are conceptualised for this type of propulsion will siphon water from the side intake grills and push it forward, just like reverse bow thrusters. But the size, displacement, and speed of this specially designed mechanism will depend on the dimensions of the ship and its mass as it’s directly proportional. The cost incurred will change a lot depending upon these factors. Hence it will be left to the choice of the owner as the Seataci shall be a totally custom-built yacht.

Passengers onboard will sleep in subaquatic villas having panoramic windows overlooking the surrounding marine life. The owners and special guest can also have access to additional viewing points within each of the side pods. Also, the views of the underwater sea world will be visible from the lower level of the sunken hull. It will be like an observatory lounge and a multi-cuisine restaurant serving the tastes of passengers on board.

The ship will have customised main deck that will have a facility of two helipads and swimming pools which will be surrounded by a tropical garden. Also, the vessel will come with a fleet of semi-autonomous personal drones, which guests can fly to the shore or nearby islands. All this will be for a starting price for $100 and will build up with further customization.

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