Seabourn Launches Seabourn Encore the Biggest Cruise Ship Yet


Credit: Sabung.hamster aka Everyone Sinks Starco aka BxHxTxCx / CC-BY-SA 4.0

British soprano and West End star Sarah Brightman have named Seabourn’s biggest ever cruise ship the Seabourn Encore, and the ship also comes with big possibilities. The cruise ship offers various luxuries and extravagances which will make your travel worthwhile. Continue reading

Yachting on Earth’s Last Paradise on Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago. Credit: Piqsels

The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar has a wondrous untamed wilderness and is a pristine paradise of the archipelago. Captain Thomas Bruning, an Austrian native, sailing across the globe for over 20 years and some 500,000 nautical miles, finds solace in water and wind and considers the Mergui Archipelago as a magical place. Continue reading