24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race Set to Take Off in Wellington


Yachts. Credit: Public Domain/Airvideopl

Yacht race lovers will love the swiftly approaching 24-Hour Endurance Yacht Race on Wellington Harbour. The yacht race is hosted by the Lowry Bay Yacht Club (LBYC) and will take place on April 8 and 9, 2017. LBYC is aiming to have a large fleet of yachts on the start line on the 8th April.

It is reported that around 20 boats would take part and the distinctive race would be open to all Cat-5 keelers and trailer yachts 20ft or above (Cat C). The race appears to have a conceptual grounding from similar races in Auckland and Australia. The yachts would set sail on a 12-mile circuit, for as many times as possible during the given 24-hour period, with all yachts having an equal opportunity to compete and win. So, whether a Davidson 28 or a Nova, a Haag 40, a Lotus 9.2, a Young 11, or the 26 footer Commodore, all would strive to win the trophy highlighted with an equal chance. Brent Porter, Club Vice Commodore, said that sailing in the dark would be one of the biggest challenges for crews, and there would be lights on the bow and stern for identification.

Theo Muller, the organiser, said that race would be the first of its kind in the region and would draw people to participate and compete from further up the coast. He added about his hopes for the race to become an annual event and become a platform to the sport of sailing.

Each yacht has a requisite of a minimum of four members of the crew inclusive of the skipper, with two members of the crew who need to be capable of skippering the yacht. The Club’s website is operating as a networking platform for crew keen on sailing and skippers who are on a quest to take the 24-hour challenge.

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