Small Cruise Ships Gaining Popularity Over The Bigger Ones


Le Lyrial cruise ship. Credit: Ponant

As per the  Cruise Lines International Association’s (CLIA) recent study, travellers have a growing interest and discovering the joy of cruising on small cruise ships – the ones with lower guest capacities than the bigger ones. A small cruise ship is a relative term and if one wants the same luxury and cosy atmosphere offered by large cruise ships, the cost incurred can be more as compared to the larger ones since the overheads are divided on a small number of people on board. In spite of this, it’s seen the growth in small ship market. It is also a fact that the entire luxury cruise travel industry is growing.

When one wants adventure holidays along with a cruise, then one has to opt for a small cruise ship, because the bigger cruise can not sail to the remote areas or smaller ports due to their size.  Smaller ships offer a number of benefits and destinations over their larger counterparts. Of course one has to keep in mind the itineraries of small ship cruises can change depending on the weather and sea conditions, most of the times it’s not the case when you are travelling on a large cruise ship.

Amakristina cruise ship

Amakristina cruise ship. Credit: AmaWaterways

Another advantage of opting a small cruise ship is, because of limited no. of travellers, may be hundreds than thousands on a mega ship, you can enjoy the attractions and have more time at the landing site. Also, the small ship cruises are best advisable for the people who enjoy to visit remote beaches, very small traditional villages, or sail through narrow channels.

Small ships also have experts such as biologists, glaciologists, ornithologists etc. on board. These experts often give lectures and explain you lot more things about marine life and the remote places you are visiting. You can interact one to one with them, which is not in the case of bigger ships due to a large number of people on board.

Many cruise liners use small ships for testing the waters of new destinations which can become a famous destination in future.

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