Get Ready for an Amazonian Adventure

The lush Amazon forest is a visual delight to visit in any season. The beautiful forest and rivers are mysterious and inviting at the same time. Millions of travellers visit Amazon to explore this unique place and see nature in its full glory.

You can consider two time periods to visit the Amazon, one during the wet or flood season which lasts from December to April and the dry season from May to November. However, even the so-called dry season is not as dry as it can rain at any time throughout the year. The difference is just that during the dry season the rainfall will be comparatively lesser along with the water levels. You can also get to see more exotic animals and birds in the dry season.

So if you want to sail through this huge river which flows from French Guiana to Peru you can do so by hiring cruise ships or riverboats. Dry season can also enable you to explore the remote tributaries of the river which may not be possible in the heavy rains. Explorers can also travel around on foot accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

However, if you like floating on the water you can visit in the wet season also, as even the rains have their own beauty. Many tour operators and guides can take you through these regions.

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