World’s First Fully Electric Yacht – Dasher Unveiled

Dasher - electric yacht.

Dasher – electric yacht. Credit: Hinckley

The luxury Yacht builder Hinckley located in Maine, U.S.A. has unveiled Dasher, a 28.6-foot; fully electric luxury yacht at the 47th Newport International Boat Show. It’s the first time in the history that a fully electric yacht will sail on the sea, according to the press release by Hinckley.

Though electric boats were popular until the internal combustion engine became prominent in the 1920s. Since late 1960s Duffy Electric Boats gained popularity but especially in calm waters only, these small electric boats have the top speed of approximately 5 to 6 miles per hour but were not designed for rough sea.

Dasher electric yacht.

Dasher electric yacht. Credit: Hinckley

Dasher by Hinkley is something different!! Some people have named it as Tesla for the water. It may be a game-changer in the yachting world. The name Dasher is borrowed from company’s original Picnic Boat hull #1. The hull material is carbon-epoxy composite, hand-painted with lightweight composite Artisanal Teak. They have used 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology to achieve the intricate shapes and desired weight to the highest precision, which it is nearly impossible with any other conventional construction technology method.

Dasher, designed by Michael Peters is powered with twin 80 hp electric motors and it uses dual 40 kilowatt-hour BMW i3 waterproof lithium-ion batteries. This combination will produce about 35 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 8.6 knots, and up to 22 nautical miles at speeds of 15.6 to 23.5 knots.

Dasher has dual 50 amp charging adaptors on board, this enables it to charge twice as fast as the most of the popular electric cars. The batteries are charged to 100% from the minimum level in less than four hours. It has patented Hinckley Whisper Drive silent propulsion system which combines the latest hydrodynamics, electric power and digital control systems for high-class performance handling and manoeuvrability.

The helm has very user-friendly touchscreen console and few technical highlights such as a frameless windshield that raises and lowers as and when required. The console also has a range circle (real-time distance to go) which shows how far the boat can go at current speeds and battery levels. Dasher’s open layout hull design allows numerous possible configurations depending upon the owner’s requirements.

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