Must know tips before your First Cruise

Credit: Flickr / Remon Rijper

If you are looking for a perfect getaway with your spouse or your family, then going on a cruise is ideal for you. There are different styles and themes of each cruise that can make this experience memorable. You can explore multiple cities and meet new people all while enjoying your private holiday. So if you are thinking of holidaying on a cruise, which can also be considered as a floating city, check out some essential tips below.

Check the deck plan before you book a room
While booking a room, always make sure you have an idea of what you expect during your stay. Booking the cheapest room may not always be advisable when you are prone to sea-sickness since it is at the lowest level. Rooms at the higher deck almost always ensure smooth sailing. Check the utility spots with respect to your room while booking, as some spots can be noisy and packed with people for most of the time.

Pack wisely
Always make sure that you have all your personal documents, medications and at least one pair of swimsuit and outfits ready in your carry on. That way you can enjoy your trip from the start without having to wait for your luggage to be delivered to your room. It also is a full proof plan in case there is a delay or heaven forbid – they lose your bag!

Arrive early and soak in the hassle-free experience
Don’t you always wish for the very best experience whenever you’re travelling? Well, plan for an early arrival to your port of departure. That way you don’t have to run till you are out of breath or possibly miss your trip because of unforeseen circumstances. You can also see the ship arriving at the port which is a bonus.

Save money by planning your own excursion
Why stick with the crowd when you can explore off on your own? Instead of going to the trips planned by the cruise, you can take charge and explore the ports and see the places that you personally want to visit. Rent a car, book a cab etc. but planning your own trips beforehand or with some new friends on the cruise can easily cut down your expenses.

Skip the sightseeing and explore the ship
We recommend skipping some port destinations unless they are absolutely on your bucket list. Would you rather spend your time running about every possible tourist spot or just relax at the spa on board with the undivided attention of the staff? You can enjoy all the possible amenities on the ship without waiting endlessly in line. Who knows, you might even bump into the Captain, who is practically a celebrity onboard!

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