How to Sail the World on a Budget

Sailboat Credit: Pixabay

Sailboat Credit: Pixabay

Sailing around the world on a yacht can be a breathtaking experience, where the yacht-lovers can live on a boat and travel to distant lands. And, this experience is not limited to only the rich and famous, anyone now can cruise the world by sailboat on a considerable budget.

In fact, according to some boat-lovers, a sailboat can cost less than living in an apartment in most major cities in the United States. Now, that’s definitely a huge relief, when one can cruise the world on less than $700 per month. And, to fulfil your sea dream we have some exciting tips to sail the world on a budget.

  1. One of the pre-requisites is to buy a simple boat. The ’70s or ’80s heavily-built fibreglass boat or a simple cruiser which is in the low price range can be bought. One may even consider being a third-owner of a seaboat, or spend on a second-hand boat.
  2. Instead of using a marina, anchoring may help cut down costs.
  3. Whilst cruising, you can also consider working, as this will keep the funds trickling in. And, you can have the best of two worlds – sailing and working on-the-go.
  4. Consider eat-ins instead of visiting restaurants. Sticking to canner beers will work out cheaper and also cut down the costs of dining out.
  5. It is always best to know the cost of living in the countries that one is planning to visit. A little bit of research will help in planning a proper budget.
  6. Consider fishing and foraging.
  7. Instead of using a motor, considering sailing. Also, do all or most of the boat maintenance yourselves. The DIY maintenance helps to keep the maintenance costs down.
  8. A good cell phone plan like (Google’s Project Fi), which can be used internationally always helps.

Ultimately, the good news is that cruising is accessible to all and that the cruising lifestyle is undeniably worth experiencing.

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