Royal Caribbean’s New Cruise Ship Will Unleash Robotic Staff And Abyss Ride

Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the Seas

Cruise ships are delightful floating cities, and every launch just puts the bar higher in terms of exhilarating onboard activities, the innovative technology used, and unparalleled luxurious amenities.

It is no wonder that cruise-lovers are excited to experience the world’s biggest cruise ship, which is set to arrive in April 2018. Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas is already creating ripples with some of its super-adventurous onboard activities.

Guests can expect to be served by Robotic staff at the Bionic Bar, or plunge 10-story at the Ultimate Abyss slide. Excited already? Here’s a sneak preview of the world’s most anticipated ship:

The Symphony of the Seas is an impressive fleet that is the largest in the world. Once on board, guests would have a thrill of their lifetime with robotic bartenders in the Bionic Bar serving drinks.

Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the Seas

Patrons can also look out for the world’s tallest slide at sea, a 10-story plunge, the Ultimate Abyss, which twists-and-turns in a serpentine-style path. And, the ultra-modern Rising Tide Bar that would transport patrons from the Royal Promenade to the Central Park.

The 1,200-foot-long floating city also has fabulous features, which includes, high-tech ship design, lavish accommodation spanning two levels aka the Ultimate Family Suite, in-room slide, a cinema room with popcorn, lego wall, and much more.

The exciting onboard activities have a well-equipped sports bar, an ice skating rink, dual 43-foot rock-climbing walls, and a super-cool laser tag arena. The cruising experience is heightened with the 20 dining options featured with high-quality gastronomy ranging from Mexican cuisine to Japanese grill specialties.

The remarkable vessel stretches 215 feet wide, weighs 230,000 gross tonnes, and covers about 16 decks. With a capacity for 5,494 guests based on double occupancy, which includes 2,775 guest rooms, the enormous ship definitely promises an entertaining cruising time for all on board.

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