Top Cruise Trip Secrets To Know Before You Sail


Going cruising for the first time? Wonderful!! Get ready to have the vacation of a lifetime. A cruise trip over mesmerizing waters can be a special experience. Are you feeling overwhelmed as a first-time cruiser? Then, keep reading to know some of the top cruise trip secrets that can help you have a great cruising time at sea.

1. Best Cruise Deals

You may want to sign up for the newsletters of some cruise liners. This will keep you updated on the special sales, discounts, and more. Apart from that, booking a cruise at the last minute can help save money. Most of the cruise ships keep dropping the prices steadily as they get close to the departure dates.

2. Know the real cost

First-time cruisers should include taxes, port fees, and gratuities in their travel budget. Also, remember to consider dry cleaning, excursions, and spa treatments, which may cost extra.

3. Pack essentials in carry-ons

Make sure that you carry all necessary medicines, swimsuits, change of clothes, and other essentials in the carry-on.

4. Travel light

Avoid the urge to overpack as space is limited in most staterooms. A soft duffel bag instead of a hard suitcase could help. Carry limited clothes, and remember to carry some rubber-soled boat shoes and sandals. Don’t forget to throw in your digital camera, to capture some breathtaking shots.

5. Arrive Early

It is best to check in with the cruise line about boarding times. Arriving early would help to avoid long lines and complete the check-in procedure comfortably.

6. Carry Wine

Some cruise lines allow you to bring wine or beer. A case of water, soda, and some wine bottles are allowed. Remember to check in with your cruise line before packing.

7. Book own Excursions

On-shore excursions can get expensive, and it is recommended to book the excursions independently.

Enjoy your first-time cruising by adapting some of these money-saving tips.

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