Insight on the Most Innovative Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440

Updated Jun 2018

Incredible boat and yacht designs can be a wonderful inspiration on a sailing jaunt. To top it off, if the boat is an award winner with innovative side decks, outstanding ergonomics, cockpit coamings that can be converted into sunbeds, then it can be a pure delight for sailing-lovers.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440, is an award-winner of the ‘Best Boat of 2018’ in the U.S., and also has a feather added in the Most Innovative prize category attributed to the pioneering and ground-breaking design. The boat is also nominated for the ‘European Yacht of the Year 2018.’

Tim Murphy, one of the Boats of the Year judges stated that the boat impressed on counts of the dock and underway. He added that the innovation award had to be mapped on two aspects, one being the features that were innovative in the context of previous Jeanneaus, and the other is cited as features that were innovative in the entire market where the boat competed.

In the context of previous Jeanneaus, the new 440, with its 14-foot beam is said to innovatively separate the mast compression post from the cabin’s main bulkhead, which is moved forward in the boat. The space trading reportedly gives more interior volume in the main saloon and lesser volume in the master cabin. Apart from this, the portable 12-volt Isotherm cooler and portable grill are equally interesting features.

Meanwhile, what sets the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 apart in the market are featured in the aft quarters like innovative side decks sloping downward as one moves aft, exemplary ergonomics, winged coamings and much more.

The other interesting facets are the centerline console with a large folding table, the placement of the lower stays (the D1s), which are attached to chainplates on the cabin sides. Meanwhile, Bill Bolin commended the Jeanneau execution of the 440 steering stations aft and outboard.

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