Solar Powered Tourist Boat for Day Cruising

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Dalyan situated on Turkey’s Lycian Coast is popular for its sailing opportunities across the turquoise sea. The town is popular from its fresh-water gigantic Nile turtles, which are a huge tourist attraction. And, it is only obvious that the area would need protection due to the intensive tourism demands.

The Turkish Government together with the local municipality are reportedly attempting to keep the area protected, in the backdrop of nearly 600 boats powered with fossil fuels being engaged in providing tours in the area. It has also been reported that the waste has started to accumulate in the inner bay making it toxic for the turtles.

In order to reduce pollution and propeller damage from the 600 diesel-powered tourist boats in the Dalyan Iztuzu Carretta turtle reserve, the local government representatives got in touch with local builder ARC Solar Yachts. The builders were briefed about developing a day cruise that would run on non-fossil fuel energy. The company is reportedly attributed with experience with solar power and have developed a range of leisure craft with solar energy as the main power.

Dr Orhan Çelikkol, Head designer of the company developed two different hull designs as the basis for a tourist day cruising boat that would be featured with safe loading, unloading, and cruising of around 24 cruisers. The objective was to allow tourists to have a great time turtle-watching, mud-bathing, swimming, dining, on a boat that made no diesel and sound pollution.

The hull design selected is a 12-metre long catamaran with long narrow hulls on a beam of around 4.20 metres such that it could operate efficiently with minimum power. The other features incorporated for minimum impact on the sensitive environment includes full carbon epoxy structure, with caged propellers, and the 45cm working draft. The solar panels would be installed on the top of the canopy, and the electrical power generated is expected around 210 watts of electrical power for each square of 30 sq. metres.

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